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Trick & Treat !

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Halloween is one of my favorites holidays I love the costumes (the babies are my favorite). They all look adorable, now even the dogs get to dress up, very funny. But we never get into the costume part. First I thought that once we get used to the holiday we would try it, but it never happened. My hubby clamed that he was with a costume last Friday he went to work with a T-shirt and without shave and he sad it was “Relaxed Sunday Costume” Well….

My building has a park and we have a new management that is doing a great job with all the holidays, they always have this party with corn maze and attractions for the kids, this year they even had a carriage. When I was walking through the park I felt a tad jealous of the parents showing of they babies and kids. But when I got to the street and saw them with their kids getting inside a bar trick or treating, I felt a bit of a relief that I was alone. And hey I was going to meet my love and go out for drinks or a romantic diner, so who should be jealous here? We decided to check some new bars around our neighborhood; first bar was “ Death & Co.”  It’s from the same owner of  “The Bourgeois pig”. It was a Very cool lounge with a relaxing but fun atmosphere. Obviously no detail is left out- from the decor to the food to the cocktails, this place is very cool. The cocktails are the best. They use all organic and fresh ingredients and they even have different types of ice, depending on the drink, to allow for the drink to maintain its flavors. The people there are true mixologists who know their stuff. If you ever go to Death & Co, I have only one recommendation. Sit at the bar. If you go with more than two or three people, you can sit at the tables, but I would still take the bar. My reasons? The bar is where all the action happens. Nothing’s better than watching some quality mixologists go to work. While you might like to look at all the drinks on the menu – and there are lots – it might be even better to just let them go to work. All they need to know is what kind of mood you’re in and your favorite liquor and they can mix something up for you right away. They’re also great to talk; the place is never crowded, hot or loud, because they do not allow standing inside the bar. Which for us is a must.

Second bar was a really nice surprise; you go to a very simple hot dog place on St. Marks between First and Av. A and you get to an old wooden phone booth inside the “ Crif Dog”, pick up the receiver and a hostess open the back wall of the booth. It’s best if you have reservation the bar name is PDT (Please Don’t Tell). Very different kind of drinks including a bacon infused Tennessee whisky with maple syrup, the place have a cozy decoration, and nice vibe, but I was a bit disappointed with the food. I had the Chang dog witch was inspired by chef David Chang from Momofuku, didn’t convince me. And Hubby had The WD-50 dog also inspired by the very famous chef Wylie Dufresne from WD-50. But my disappointment was after all the suspense and nice decoration I expect more, maybe something nicer than just hotdogs. All the time my hubby was encouraging me to have another drink and I started to be a bit suspicious, but all my suspicion was gone by the end of our bar tour. He stopped in front of this desert place that he has been asking me forever to try and I always brush him of. . So he shamelessly got me so tupsy that I couldn’t think too much. You should see his euphoria on top of the sweets. And I had the next day to doom my choices “bacon infused whisky” really?

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