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Last Thursday for no reason my site was down, I tried to contact my host in many ways, sent emails, tried to call… 4 hours later, no acknowledgement. I lost my patience and dropped them. I Decided to pack and move, but let me tell you, it’s not an easy task. So since Thursday, I’m going through funky mood swings; from anger to hopelessness to regret to extremely annoyed. Part of it we can probably blame on PMS, but I’ll never admit it. But this is a typical situation for me, I have this ability to get into “pickle” situations like these because of my temper, I just can’t stand a half ass job, or laziness. So right now I’m doing damage control, and with a brand new host that looks like is a good one. But few things got lost on the way…I’m not a computer geek, I manage, but far from a geek. However the best of it was when the old host company sent me an email asking me for the reasons why I decided to drop it. My answer was sweet; I just said that I don’t tolerate ‘a half ass job and incompetence’. Boy!!!! That felt good.

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