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Thanksgiving Fiasco!

Filed under Life by at 7:06 am on Nov 26 2008

Big Thanks to My Family!

Every year since we moved here we celebrate  thanksgiving dinner with our family, so I never tried to cook this meal from scratch. This week while watching my favorite cooking programs they all made everything look like a breeze. I know there is plenty of editing behind, but for some reason me and my (big ego) thought:” What’s the big deal? It’s a bird, and some pumpkins, what could be so hard in roasting some veggies and a bird?” So yesterday my big ego and me decided at “5“ o’clock to cook some ” thanksgivingish” dinner. And the funny thing is I honestly thought that by 6 or maximum 7 dinner would be ready. Ha! Ha! And Ha! My husband came home with a suspicious look in his face, and later he confessed that he had a little bite before he came home, (so much fate). And I didn’t even have a whole turkey, I was roasting a small turkey breast, but it took me 5 hours to finish it. By 10, I had burned half of the pumpkins and carrots, the gravy tasted burned, the cranberry sauce I have no comments (Well! what the hell. It was hideous!). The Brussels sprouts turned  ok but Eh! At least the turkey tasted good. We didn’t have any stuffing because we ate the bread with wine, so we wouldn’t die from starvation. In the end my lessons here were:

  • 1 I should never listens to my big ego again.
  • 2 Certain traditions “are” meant to be kept  (like having the thanksgiving dinner at our family house).
  • 3 If by all means I need to serve thanksgiving dinner to guests. I have two magical words FRESH DIRECT.
  • 4 Always start with the table decoration, because if I had to set the table after cooking you wouldn’t be looking at any pictures.

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