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Here I am, trying to express myself in a foreign language, not a problem for many, but slightly difficult for me. And taking into consideration that I am a perfectionist. It’s been a bit daunting, to the point of thinking to give it all up and write in Portuguese.

But if you knew me, you would know that I don’t give up easily. I’m originally from Brazil but I live & work in New York City now. I used to live in Sydney, Australia (where I met my lovely husband) for 3 years before moving here. So all these continent hopping has opened my eyes to delicious food, and an amazing array of different flavors. Living in Manhattan, it’s an overwhelming platform for various inspirations. I have experienced some of the best this city has to offer along with some of it’s worst (don’t even ask). But sometimes, you find a little hidden gem down a dark alley… and that’s where the real magic of New York happens.

A city full of possibilities, a city truly like no other. This made my curiosity (which I assure you, was not in short amounts to begin with…) grow to uncontrollable levels. So… then my journey began, and now some 430 recipes books later (I know, it got a tad out of hand) along with some occasional crush courses in ‘The Culinary Institute’ of New York, and many… many hours of watching Food Network, I decide to try some different dishes apart from the trivial ones. I absolutely love cooking (but don’t expect a professional) I’m just experimenting. Sometimes it works, and sometimes I almost have to call the fire department (Be a ware neighbors). 

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